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la luna e ...

was founded in the spring of 1985 

“la luna e... was founded in the spring of 1985 from the idea that Simona Sforza had to create a collection for children, with particular attention to used natural fabrics, and to the relationship between quality and price while maintaining a cheerful and sober taste appropriate to their age.the production entirely devised by Simona, employs small Italian laboratories for the packaging of both fabric garments and knitwear. 

over the years mothers showed interest in the development of the collection even in women's sizes.

experimenting, a little at a time, a new collection takes shape entirely dedicated to women while maintaining the basic characteristics of the child collectiontoday it is possible to have tailor -made garments dedicated to the most important occasions or for particular size needs for the two collections.

30 years have passed since the first steps of "la luna e ..." and Simona, very proudly now dresses a second generation that has remained faithful to the concept of the clothing store "

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